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Concrete Advice for Trans & Nonbinary People About Binding Health


Training For Health Professionals About Binding Health

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Frances Reed, LMT

Specializing in Binding Health for More Than 8 Years

Frances (they/them) is the owner of Freed Bodyworks, and has been specializing in transition-related bodywork for TGNC folks since 2011. They believe it is imperative that we have a place where informed, credible information about binding health is widely available.


Frances was seriously injured from binding 6 years ago. Since then, they have seen transmasculine clients who are experiencing similar pain from binding and are desperate to find relief. They teach courses in self-massage, stretching, and self-care to promote health, minimize harm, and manage pain while binding. By founding they are hoping to take these life changing strategies to a vastly larger audience. ​

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